ARBOmedia censorship on HotNews Blogs

ARBOmedia is very active this week with all the trainings/trips and hi5 promotion. Călin RotăruÅŸ: General manager ARBOinteractive gave an interview for HotNews/Iulian Comanescu but I was stunned to find out how they censored the wordBoule” from a poster behind the gm:

Calin Rotarus

The proof is here while the original poster “Boulevard of broken dreams” is here…

PS: if you read the interview you’ll have to know some censored things about
– the romanian traffic is unaudited and the website has some issues with unallocated ip addresses (they say Romanian traffic);
– in Romania is famous for prostitution;
– 25.2% (and the critical mass) of users come from Thailand;
– according to Alexa, only 1.6% is Romanian traffic;
here is a hint about the most searched word on hi5
– ARBOinteractive will be the first agency to focus on adult entertainment and the next milestone in their strategy is to sell AdultFriendFinder and gay porn.

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8 Replies to “ARBOmedia censorship on HotNews Blogs”

  1. Bogdan, mi se pare un argument pueril de-a dreptul. Fotografia aia daca nu ma insel e facuta chiar de mine, si chiar ne-am amuzat pe tema asta. Dar ce legatura are cu Hi5?
    Acuzatia de cenzura e foarte grava, iar cosmetizarea unor fotografii se intampla la case mult mai mari – vezi candidatii la alegeri etc.

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