ARBOmedia/SMI: 2 leaderboards, 1 overlayer

CAPITAL has a contract with SMI but I see that they use the same ad server as ARBOmedia so I don’t know who really serves this ad:

Something really strange goes on at ARBOmedia/SMI since they started to serve 2 leaderboards on Capital. The second leaderboard just pops out of thin air but the first one (also overlayer) and when is rolled, it covers up to 70% of the second leaderboard (different client).

Of course, I started to wonder what’s going on (maybe the new bb adserver has a problem) but I discovered that CAPITAL is overbooked and the client really wanted to display the campaign on this website. This is how SMI/ARBOmedia made a compromise against all the standards used all over the web and my guess is thay they head towards a 3 leaderboard/2 overlayer campaign quite soon 🙂

IAB has standards but do we understand them?

LATER EDIT: on IAB standards – Gabriel Boaca, Magda Zander

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