Alexander Sigl in the executive committee diversification/new business – ARBOmedia AG

Alexander Sigl 33, becomes member of the board of the ARBOmedia AG. As an executive committee diversification he is responsible for all new business fields of the ARBOmedia group. Alexander Sigl takes over the executive committee position additionally to its function as a managing director of ARBOvision.

After successes in Germany (two years ago with ARBOvision) Alexander Sigl opened the markets successfully with its team of 16 expelled specialists both in Czech republic and in Romania. Due to the collected experiences with co-operation partners such as T-Com, Dell, Kabel Germany and/or medium partners such as Ringier, Hubert Burda Media, group of publishing houses farmer, RTL Group decided to implement the ARBOmedia “erfolgsmodel” 🙂 in 2007 in another 2 countries.

You can read the full news and press release here (German speakers only).