A psychedelic trend in advertising

The beginning – it was the late 60’s and 70’s, a time when celebs were used all the time in TV ads – 7UP:

PEPSI: a genuine, flipped out, buttwild 60s trippy psychedelic ad in the imitable style of pop artist Peter Max (with a little bit of Robert Crumb in the mix:

70’s Levis 501 jean Commercial

Today we have “The Coke side of life”:

Microsoft Zune Video: The Zune Planes by FullTank

UNILEVER – CloseUp Brand Advertising “Psychedelic Trip”

One of a series of 16 television commercials for the new Volvo C30 created for Volvo by Fuel London:

Psychedelic iPod freakout – Apple is trendy:

And finally, the award winning (Cannes Lions 2005 – Wieden + Kennedy UK Ltd, London) Honda ad – ‘Hate Something, Change Something’ (Grand Prix):

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