YouTube censorship

I’m not happy because all the movies published in the “Intelligence” category are vanishing one by one, due to “unknown reasons” 🙂

At The Center Of The Storm – George Tenet interview on 60 minutes – I managed to obtain the original recording so I’m ok.

Famous Russian Typhoon class submarines on Google Earth – The movie showed only some Nimitz, Ohio and Iowa class U.S. battle ships on Google maps…

Chasers War On Everything – Americans – This was rather funny but scary for a genuine non-American.

Echelon searches no longer relevant on Google – The interview with George Bush.

History: communist psychological warfare methods and results – A really old movie

Although the movies were deleted, I’m happy to say that they survived one way or another on the Internet. The Google/Youtube technology is based on keywords but is still operated by humans (the famous YouTube Video analysts 🙂 ).
I’m now thinking that this is not about copyrighted materials so I’ll have to say that the YouTube censorship is not cool 🙂

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  1. … un monopol de care youtube trebuia sa profite la un moment dat: adika, cenzura pe motive inexistente, invocarea copyright-ului, etc … o mare mare porcarie … si in fond, nici macar nu stau sa-ti explice si sa-ti raspunda la intrebari … dau delete direct.

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