Yahoo Messenger

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Yahoo Messenger (formerly known as Yahoo Pager) presented a beta version of its latest 9.0 release and a Windows Vista version so I wanted to see what’s new, if the hidden features are still out there and how to get more from the new software.

Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista:

Yahoo Messenger 9:

The hidden faces in Yahoo Messenger:
-Bee: :bz
-Puppy dog eyes: :o3
-Starry Smile: (*)
-Winking face being punched: b-(
-Coffee cup: ~o)
-Alien coming out of scared face: >-)
-Praying: [-o< -Dazed eyes: @-) -Money eyes: $-) -Pumpkin (~~) -American Flag **== -Light Bulb *-:) -Whistling: :-" -Piniochio-nose growing: :^o -Shaking finger no-no style: [-x -Disco: \:D/ -Wants a hug: >:D< -Clover: %%- -Staredown/evil eye: :-L -Black hair fighter: o->
-Blonde fighter: o=>
-Redhead fighter: o-+
-Green Martian: =:)
-“jk” (just kidding): :-j
-Blabbermouth: :-@
-Monkey :(|)
-Pig :@)
-Chicken: ~:>
-Cow: 3:-O

Here are the older versions of Yahoo Messenger available for download.