What for?

Hey guys, it seems that finally I’ve made my first big step and started the public blog. Till now, I had the Yahoo360 personal blog (written in Romanian) and probably I’ll keep it alive because I want to keep close to my personal friends and Yahoo Buddies (as you can see, I’m quite a Y! user).

Now, probably the first two readers of this blog will be from Romania (probably Cezar or Andrei) and will say “Wtf…? Why in english?” – Hell, I don’t know, I was just in that mood and I guess I find it fun in playing with the CPANEL.

I must say that most of our hosting is provided by Office INN and they have a CPANEL installed for dummies (and for me also 🙂 ). Now, as I was surfing this interface I saw all this stuff in English and I said to my self “why not?”.

Another reason is probably caused by the e-mails we receive lately from companies outside Romania willing to invest in the online advertising market. As we speak we have that “little know-how” and we know “some people”, so this way is easier for them to have a blog about what’s hot and what’s not on the .ro virtual space.

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