Vodafone cutting back costs

After Jacobs or Alka (Prajitura Casei), Vodafone is the next brand to target the Romanian Internet users via Yahoo Messenger. Although Vodafone is the most profitable mobile operator in Romania, they are still cutting back on their costs. They’ve canceled hundreds of contracts (outsourcing, services) and they try to obtain the lowest prices ever on everything.
Of course, this has an impact on the customers – as a Vodafone user, I’ve experienced several crashes with their web servers and very poor client service. The call center operators go by the book and have no idea when I try to explain some technical issues – of course, I can’t talk to the technical department because of their policy. For several times they promised to call me back and this never happened (maybe because I was calling from my other phones on “enemy” networks: Orange and Zapp).
Last but not least, the Romanian Office for the Consumer’s Protection is receiving complaints from many customers as Vodafone cancels the warranty on their phones for strange reasons.
Well, I hope they’ll manage to get over it as I am a Ferrari and Vodafone fan. Stay red! 😉

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