Viral media – new business ideas

Traditional agencies involved in a successful viral campaign:
1) a creative agency (planning, creating the viral marketing campaign)
2) a media agency (strategy, planning the budgets)
3) a production agency (someone to do the work 🙂 )

And you might think you have it right… here are 2 more companies you can use:

4) seeding agency (implementing the viral campaign resembles to the traditional media placement but you cannot buy “viral ad space” on tv 🙂 – this is why the seeding agencies have their own methods and techniques and I’m thinking that this can be a new business idea)

5) viral tracking agency (of course, in the end, you’ll ask for the results so tracking a viral campaign can be another service – similar to press monitoring agencies but using other methods)

So, I’m waiting for the first private multinational Seeding and Viral Tracking Agencies. Till then, enjoy the new wave of viral media: