The next big thing after YouTube

While some people try to copy YouTube, they already seem to be old fashion because they don’t know what to copy 🙂

The next big thing is Viddler!!!
– You can use your web camera to record directly to the website. No third-party software required!
– you can tag specific moments within a video
– you can post comments to specific moments inside the video
– you can find what you’re looking for by searching inside videos themselves:

2 Replies to “The next big thing after YouTube”

  1. I think it totally sucks.

    I can barely focus on what the person says and with all these comments you don’t know what to listen to, what to read.

    Sucks big-time, hope YouTube never implements this or has a easy way to turn those comments off.

    Regarding the huge advantage of not having a software, to me it’s just a small tiny step. But of course, I can be wrong. 🙂

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