Unilever monitoring blogs

A few days ago I wrote a post about the psychedelic trends in advertising and I included a clip made by Unilever.

This morning I saw that someone from Unilever UK read the post and after doing a little digging I discovered that Unilever has an advanced tool monitoring the Internet.

Of course Unilever is not the only company having advanced monitoring software (Google, HP, Oracle, Dell or Fujitsu Siemens also use monitoring tools but they are IT related companies and this was not a surprise).

Unilever seems to be the first FMCG global player to have an eye on the blogs. On the other hand, The CocaCola Company is far from achieving online awareness (after sending the link about the top 10 most googled brands to someone managing a coke brand, I received a funny answer: the company server blocks employee access to blogs, youtube and other web 2.0 related websites).

I guess that creating advanced online brand tracking software is a good new business idea and my readers working at Google are probably already on the job 🙂