TradeAds vs. Google Romania – fighting for CPC budgets

Google finally announced yesterday the opening of their office in Romania (press release here) – Dan Bulucea (ex-Microsoft) is the new Google Country Manager Romania.

Romanian online marketeers have different thoughts about the new office but the only company with a competitive approach seems to be TradeAds – their plans for 2011 are to compete with Google Adwords/Adsense.

I’ve noticed some critics saying that TradeAds Interactive has a tough time fighting Google but I must say that this in not a small company – they are part of the biggest online media group in Romania, and compared to Google, they already have a team and understand the local market with all the incentives and kickbacks.

Of course, after the announcement, it seems that everyone (both people working and agencies or sales houses) have a question regarding Google Romania:

“What is their policy regarding kickbacks/rebates in Romania?” 🙂

The question is backed by some arguments as some international websites already selling advertising in Romania (like Yahoo, Hi5, Facebook) already offer desirable incentives 🙂

After all, almost everyone expects better results on Q4 and serious improvements on budgets and spending for 2011.