Trabocco in Ortona

Trabocco in Abruzzo
By far, this is one of the most interesting type of restaurants in Italy (on the east coast). Also called “trabocco”, these places are also a fishing machines from another times, preserving the old Italian fishermen tradition.
The construction is very simple and very technical – although they don’t look very safe 🙂 they manage to survive the waves and the angry sea but the most important thing is that on a “trabocco” you can enjoy a fresh seafood menu, hear the lazy waves and compare the long bottles of cerasuolo.

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  1. Am gasit intamplator aceasta pagina pe net,scuze daca am deranjat m-am uitat pe aici,eu am vrut sa vad daca despre orasul ORTONA unde munceste si locuieste fratele meu exista ceva pe net si am gasit aceste imagini superbe care mi-au rascolit amintirile.Sunt 2 ani de cand n-am mai fost in Italia si nu stiu cand voi ajunge.Multumesc pt intelegere,toate cele bune!

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