the wars we don’t see

I remember that last October I was involved in a conference regarding the brand “Romania” – how to protect the brand and how to counteract the subversions that come through mass-media. A very interesting slide show was delivered by Vasile Paun (one of the heads of the Romanian army intelligence service), a man who has quite an impressive expertise on the electronic environment. The presentation was about the electronic threats and attacks via Internet that can affect the Romanian brands and values.

Let me give you an example: check out the Romanian orthodox pages on Google. You’ll access a few portals that have nothing to do with the Romanian Orthodox Church and the themes they debate are sometimes closer to religious extremism. Although called “orthodox advices” this websites have no author and a separate black agenda on the side.

I wrote this post because of the clip URSUS made a few months ago: A world without Romania – the clip is broadcasted on YouTube (over 400.000 views).

Short after the original film was published, a sequel was produced and posted online.

Now, YOU do the math and connect the dots.