The war in Irak and the war back home

dorina-gutu_1.jpgRazboiul din Irak si razboiul de acasa(The war in Irak and the war back home) – this is the next book I want to read.
The book written by Dorina Gutu is the result of a research carried on at the Stanford University during the 2004 presidential campaign and focused on the new media vehicles and alternative informational resources (such as comedy shows, blogs and movies).

I’ve noticed that the Internet is already preparing for the next US elections: Digg launched the 2008 Elections section and YouTube has the same plans.

LATER EDIT: also to blog about this book is Sorin Tudor.

The official launch – Today at 18.00, Carturesti Bookshop (no. 13 Pictor Arthur Verona Street).
Announced to be there: Judith A. Moon (Public Affairs Officer, US Embassy in Romania), Sever Voinescu (publicist, Dilema veche), Felix Tataru (Managing Director, GMP) and Alina Bargaoanu (SNSPA).