The President and O. Zara

Last week, the President Traian Basescu named the new heads of the Romanian intelligence services (both internal and foreign intelligence).
At the press conference, Ovidiu Zara, journalist at Curentul and friend (ex. student activist), posed some questions that the president found tricky. At the end, in a private talk, the president addressed his company a remark about Ovidiu Zara and someone overheard an insult to the journalist.
As we speak, there is a big scandal (read also Dragos , Marius and Sorin) in Romania because O. Zara has a similar name to… let’s say Dick Chaney… well, Zara is and always has been very involved in what he was doing I guess he’ll master this scandals (starting this Monday he’ll probably be on all the talk shows).
One very important thing we should notice: the event and scandal was produced and inflated in order to show some muscles and send a message (a dedication from a not-so-friendly foreign intelligence service) – or so I’ve heard…

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  1. Our president is not confortable with hostile treatments. He doesn’t feel well when the press attacks him.

    He doesn’t know a good escape from that, so we will see what happens from now on.

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