The Internet as a terrorist weapon – Dutch counterintelligence report

A Dutch counterintelligence agency notices focuses on the growing role of the Internet in Islamic extremist circles – last week I was blogging about IslamTube.

“Jihadis and the Internet” is a report published by the NCC (National Coordinator for Counterterrorism – Netherlands) last month. The Dutch counterintelligence report describes the Internet both as a target and a weapon.

Here are some classifications of terrorist/ jihadi Internet usage:

– information provision
– financing/fund raising
– networking
– recruitment
– psychological warmongering
– information gathering
– publicity and propaganda
– internal communication
– virtual training camp
– virtual islamic state

Click here to download the PDF version
of the document.

Btw, I few months ago our servers were under attack – this was the hacker’s message:

Stop Killing Palestinien Kids

Note: One hundred to 200 Dutch radical-Islamic websites are presently active. Up to the present, very little action has been taken against them, according to the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism (NCTb) Tjibbe Joustra.

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