The Internet advertising market is growing

The players on the Romanian Internet Advertising Market initiated several discussions one year ago and the first results will be available soon. There are 2 main goals: first is growing the market and at this point, everybody is interested in this and the second goal is to create a set of rules for good practice. As we speak, we could characterize the market as a little chaos. A first big step will be setting an independent Internet auditing tool to replace Netbridge’s

As I was surfing my blogroll, I found Vlad Popa discussing about the Romanian IAB and his own wishes about the organization – hope that some of them will come true but the chaos I was telling you is not easy to deal with. One of the ideas on Vlad’s post was to put together a rate card for all the Romanian websites and also to have real-time online system that will tell the advertiser certain facts about the running campaigns, available spaces and so on – now I see that Ionut Oprea opened a post on his blog in which he is trying to unite all the rate cards from all the agencies – I think that this two posts will be interesting to follow in the near future.