The ARBOmedia annual teambuilding

Next week-end I’ll be in Predeal, invited by ARBOmedia in their annual teambuilding. My history with ARBOmedia started this spring.

Before ARBO, we had (and still have) a few sales deputies that covered the special accounts that are still making money. Because of the good traffic we have in our network, I decided that a good way to increase our revenues was to work with GOOGLE, NEOGEN, BOOM or ARBO.

First, we had GOOGLE AD SENSE scripts running and maybe at that time maybe they had few clients from Romania so there was nothing spectacular going on.

We switched to NEOGEN and spend some time to play with their network. They were “under construction” with some features so It wasn’t fun to have porn ads in your front page. Comparing their system to Google Ad Sense, we could see some increase in the bank but still, this is a “pay-per-click” network and they have less than 10% in the market.

So, my eyes focused on the two companies that handled over 1 mil. $ each (Romania is still a growing market and still in the beginning): Netbridge’s Boom and ARBOmedia.

As I was saying, my first encounter with ARBO was this spring. Some friends from a major newspaper invited Magdalena Zander and Laurentiu Pop for a presentation. I was invited to be the “black sheep” and make sure they were not beating around the bush. After a few hours of talking and debating, I made sure that I was a quite a pain but they carefully answered all the questions and in the end they made a good impression to my friends.

In that period I was decided to go with BOOM because they would pay a monthly fee and because ARBOmedia just lost the TVR (The Romanian Television) account and this meant a smaller influence in the market.

But then, two interesting things happened: I received an internal report from ARBOmedia AG and their approach on the Romanian market was optimistic. They were also mentioning losing TVR a risk but they predicted that at the end of 2006, everything would be quite ok. But, the thing that made me take the final decision was that I found out that Orlando Nicoara (the Netbridge manager) was not happy with the investors and had plans to leave the NCH Advisors. Everybody knew that Orlando was a “one man army” at Boom. Few people knew that his leaving will bring a small disaster to BOOM.

So, it’s September 2006, I went with ARBOmedia, they succeeded to regain their influence after losing TVR, Orlando indeed left BOOM and their network (no.1 at the beginning of this year) is now decimated and the new management tries to cut down the costs.

My spring choice meant a few thousands euro increase but this is not the most important thing when working with ARBO. An important fact is that they represent your products and raise the awareness in the field. Indeed, they are professionals with their home works done just well. They also offer you the advantage of the AD SERVER and the possibility to run you’re own campaigns and develop other online projects. But the most important thing is that they have a team that protects your business and investments (if one of the employees is to leave for another company, the network won’t crush) and they also work on raising the online advertising market and this means they have a vision.

This is why the ARBOmedia team is no.1.

(PS: also because they have clients like me 🙂 )

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  1. That was good choice, my friend! (and I’m not earning any money from them, but I’m still happy).
    I think they are the most stright-forward team I’ve met in this field and they are really trying to push things ahead, in a very honest way – trying to build the cooperation with their clients.
    Good choice again!

  2. A little bit offtopic:
    Porn ads in Neogen’s Affiliate Network? As far as I know, all Neogen ads are verified and only after approval they are “out there” in the network and theoretically, there shouldn’t be any porn ads. But even if they were, there is an “Ad filter” in every affiliate account were you can remove the banners that you don’t like on your page.
    And even more, every affiliate has a telephone number and an email address where he can call or write and tell us the problems and the suggestions that he may have.
    Anyway, after Neogen, ARBO is the next good choice 🙂 and i wish you all the best.

  3. As we speak, there is a filter for porn ads but in my good days, I was writing e-mails to point all the issues.

    I can’t compare Neogen to ARBO because they serve different kind of ads (PPC vs. PPV). We all know that pay-per-view pays better 🙂

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