Terrorists invited to use Google Earth

The software is just great but the NSA involvement in the project makes it quite a hoax for the real terrorists. The software is more like bait while certain areas of the globe are under electronic surveillance. Google Earth is an efficient tool in the war against terror because you can find out in real time what are the terrorists downloading. This combined with the intelligence gathered in the field, makes it a great gizmo.

Of course, the press around the world has the best promoting campaign: titles like “terrorists can use Google Earth in order to plan attacks” are just pure advertising and very fun to read. Imagine the Google Earth campaigns as electronic mouse traps and my opinion is that we should encourage them. In the old days, the agents were risking their lives in order to provide “good” maps to terrorists. It’s better to do this online – the great feature of Google Earth is that you can only use it online making it very easy to track.

Next on the news: “Terrorists all over the world bid on eBay for the best mass destruction equipment. Free shipment in 24h.” 🙂