Summer blogs

Via Sorin Tudor, I found out that Alessandra Stoicescu has her own blog.

Romanian Neogen rebranded their websites – that’s something interesting to think about.

Dan Petre seems to have discovered the coolest way to travel in Bucharest (I’m also a subway fan – and the first one to introduce the stairway branding/advertising to Euromedia 🙂 ).

Zoso changed his writing style and subjects after the accident he had later this year. He was so unlucky so that his face/name/workplace became public in prime-time on public television.

On Liviu’s blog I found this disturbing thought (Romanian recruiting website has a service allowing a recruiter to do public review of a person so that the candidate can be marked badly when there are recruiting issues – this tool is great for the agencies but quite bad for the users 🙂 )