StudentFM – rebranding

Ligia called me yesterday morning to tell me about their plans with StudentFM (radio station targeting the Romanian students – broadcasts both on air and on the Internet) – they had some technical problems last month and decided to change the Internet provider. This is important for us because we use StudentFM on ScoalaOnline as “fun” resource available on every page.

The users can listen to the radio while surfing and till now we had over 17.000 online radio listeners. Another fact is that we decided to promote the website via radio. One year ago we were thinking to work with Radio21 or KissFM but our choice was influenced mainly by the perspectives and by the fact that we would have the advantage to be there from the beginning. Although as we speaks there are not so many people in Romania connected to StudentFM, I think that the online radio has it’s own charm and will be probably together for some time.

As I was saying, Ligia and the guys have some plans put together and we’ll probably media partners for the concert they are planning this autumn in Regie (the biggest student campus in Bucharest).

I’m also thinking about some contests or prizes because a open air concert for students will always be a good opportunity to promote a website like (targeted on young people).