Why do we need a strong Neogen

Some people considered aggressive the post I had yesterday about Neogen and I think I need to make a clear statement about the last events.

Neogen is the no.1 website in Romania and this is because many people invested money, time and creative energy in a great project. I respect that and indeed Calin had a vision and a great plan. Being no.1 also means 1 million unique users every week, high quality services and tons of content.

One thing I’ve noticed yesterday as I was tracking the crises was that Neogen generated emotions and the bloggers were very passionate about the subject. This is a thing Neogen should use in the future and convert all the feedback they had in order to create a better community.

Either we like it or not, Neogen also represents the publishers and the Romanian Internet users. Although we are not yet conscious about it, the Internet is now a mainstream phenomenon but the companies still behave like pioneers or underground digital guerrilla fighters. This is why when dealing with sensitive events you have to act like a player and control the big game. Neogen had the speech focused in 2 directions yesterday: a) trying to hide the evidence, acting like there was a minor incident; b) playing the victim. Also the people working in the industry had a protective and a non-critical attitude.

I believe that Neogen should step up and play the ball. The should be strong and speak about the safety issues on the Romanian Internet and they should assume the role of crime fighters. They should promote the fact that they are working with the Police and the proper authorities (and not the other way around) and they should act as the no.1 website: with integrity, responsibility and good common sense.

Hiding facts, minimizing problems or pretending that these are just media campaigns will affect the industry and all of us can face the same issues in the near future. This is why I said that I expect people like Orlando, Calin or Ionut to step up and act like proactive leaders.

As we speak, the events we saw yesterday present both a great threat and a great opportunity:
– the threat is regarding the media pressuring the authorities to block the websites
– the opportunity appeared because the traditional media managed to bring a serious problem in the mainstream and to raise awareness. This is why now there are strong expectations for pertinent solutions and active measures. The next step can be a positive one if the industry will react proAct properly.

Although my posts about Neogen seem very cruel, I have to say that I’m a true supporter and I have high expectations from everyone working over there.
We all have.