SPB Mobile Shell for Windows Mobile

I’ve been using Windows Mobile since 2005 and at that time I had SPB Pocket Plus installed on my SPV M1000 (great phone, still working). Meanwhile I switched to HTC (Diamond was a terrible experience) and Samsung Omnia (the config was quite ok with 8 GB storage, 5 megapixel camera, etc).

I like Windows Mobile because of the advanced features (mainly agenda & connectivity) and because the system is very often installed on great business smartphones (I only have the high-end experience). SPB Mobile Shell for Windows Mobile is an app that helps the average user to get more from the phone and OS - great looks, very stable, easy-to-use and fun:

Maybe this is why the app received 28+ positive reviews and awards last year but you’ll have to install it in order to see how great it is!

PS: for iPhone users – I hear you now have copy/paste function! Amazing! 🙂