Security issues for ARBOmedia & Netbridge

First of all, I must say that the Romanian Internet market is waiting for the boom and probably 2007 will be a good year for all the players. Of course, many foreign companies have an eye on the market a plan to invest online.

A certain fact is that European/US companies have their Intelligence departments working hard in setting up contacts in Romania and ARBOmedia or Netbridge are some of the top companies targeted by the officers. As I know, inside ARBOmedia, the management is aware of the risks and raised the level of security for the employees. On the other hand, Netbridge was and still is like a naked woman waiting for the sunset. Although NCH Advisors took a big shock when Orlando Nicoara left, they still have security problems. I was told by one of their managers, that a cause is also the new wave of employees having access in key areas. Of course, after Orlando left NCH with the top brains in the company, they reconsidered first the salaries and then a certain control for their investments.

Now, few people know that a great interest in the online media comes from Russia and as I hear there are some budgets available. Of course, let me tip you guys with one line: don’t look anymore for Russians on the east border – they come from the west, they have Armani suites and sometimes speak a very good German.