Secret and Hidden Places at Google Earth

LATER EDIT – The video was deleted from YouTube but if you click here you can find several secret hidden places on Google Earth.
01. Google Pool: 37°25’20.41″N 122° 5’6.00″W
02. Airplane: 50°12’47.26″N 8°52’7.31″E
03. Tent: 28°29’43.15″N 81°34’50.07″W
04. Indian 1: 6°42’51.37″N 42°11’42.82″E
05. Black Line & Fire on ice: 69° 3’7.72″N 41° 8’29.66″W
06. BAR: 39°49’21.77″N 3°28’44.50″W
07. Star: 37°24’1.66″N 116°51’58.85″W
08. Pyramid: 37°37’38.49″N 116°50’26.44″W
09. Eddie: 53°32’18.35″N 1°20’44.17″W
10. Nude Dutch People: 52° 4’43.34″N 4°19’58.12″E
11. Nude German Woman: 52°30’31.46″N 13°20’6.90″E
12. English Crop Circle: 53°31’54.33″N 1°21’24.93″W
13. Firefox-Logo: 45° 7’25.87″N 123° 6’48.97″W
14. Nazi-Building: 32°40’33.83″N 117° 9’28.36″W
15. Reversed Ship: 35° 9’18.21″N 129° 8’51.37″E
16. Bomber: 52°20’10.98″N 0°11’43.17″W
17. Indian 2 (with i-pod): 50° 0’38.19″N 110° 6’48.31″W
18. Donut Store: 25°57’0.25″N 97° 8’50.29″W
19. Giant of Tarapacá: 19°56’56.86″S 69°38’1.81″W
20. Italian Crop Circle: 44°40’52.79″N 10°19’6.39″E
21. Radar Station: 18°20’39.01″N 66°45’8.79″W
22. Sailing/Pirate Ship: 33°51’13.07″S 151°13’59.47″E

See more secret hidden places on Google Earth.

This is the new viral wave… maybe no. 23 will be a guy drinking a coke on a sunny beach or Bin Laden firing a gun 😉

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  1. First one i’m looking up: 11. Nude German Woman: 52°30′31.46″N 13°20′6.90″E 🙂

  2. what is that little zero that looks like the degree symbol?
    I dont see that button on my keyboard?

  3. look at this other plane, but this time wiy a boat…lol


    22°59′18.51″S 43°10′51.55″W

  4. but where do I put coordinates I try to type them into “New tag” but it still is on the same spot. help me… 🙁

  5. 72°36′9.77″S 68°14’16.21″E…

    agian ehehheheh head of the dog…???
    place:north pole
    sorry for my mistake (my first comment :D)

  6. Lat 52.701060
    Long -4.057270

    Interesting Long named place gorsafawddachaidraigogdanheddogleddollonpenrhynareurdraethceradigion

    By Llewelyn Drive and Alyn Road

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