Saturday morning live

With Dan Petre, more opened minded this time. The 5 hour training was yesterday and there is one thing that I started to enjoy about his course: he is willing to share more about the viral campaigns (examples, market studies) and about the new media as a phenomenon in the settled advertising markets (the VW U.S. Internet campaign was such an example). This is not what they usually teach you in school and this could be the first viral & new media class in Romania (although off the record).
I was also the first one to tell Dan the official news about Manafu leaving Campaign but he already knew the inside story and the plans from Cristian himself. This is not relevant, but when talking about Campaign and their future without Manafu, Dan Petre recommended me to surf more the Iqads – a word from an analyst

On the other hand, I’m not the only student this autumn – Doru Panaitescu also started his PhD on the Internet Advertising.