Running on blogs this summer

This is a light summer post about the fun things running on Romanian blogs:

Gusti is having fun at Disneyland (I see his new Nikon coolpix P5100 was not a very good camera since it went dead quite early) – I hope he’s having the time of his life since everybody wants to go to Disneyland 🙂 (if you remember this great line from Hollywood and one of the first product placements in its time).

-Gabi blogs about Next Online Players, another summer online event in Bucharest (I couldn’t make it but I had a great day setting up the details of a new technology and of the related business model).

Airinn blogs about Ferrari, McLaren and Spygate – It seems that Ferrari decided to drop the charges for the sake of the game. It seems that everybody is now happy over there.

RealKafka is the new blogger in town (cool nickname), writing about politics and a very talented comics artist (I’m telling you that this is a blog to follow if you really want the hot news from politics).

Iusti posted a gospel and made me think of a transcendental experience caught on camera (you really should follow the movie if you’re into psychotherapy, NLP or other things we don’t see):

Andrei Stoian went to Paris and met Nicolas Sarkozy – he published the photos on his blog and I hope he’s running for the Parliament this autumn 🙂

Monica Jitariuc is very busy these days so the blog is not updated but I finally had to chance to meet her thanks to VIP (Voluntari pentru Idei si Proiecte) – they invited us last Saturday to judge the best projects for branding Romania in their traditional summer school.

Sorin Tudor gives us a feedback about the new – I hope Mihai Seceleanu will also delight us with a new post 😉

Last but not least, Doru Panaitescu posted a link to a great movie explaining why is Digital Engagment more effective than traditional banner advertising (must see).