Romania IT

Why Invest in Romania

Eastern European countries continue to be an attractive region for foreign direct investment. However Romania distinguishes itself by truly fulfilling the criteria necessary to create the ideal investment opportunity.

Romania has recently made considerable legislative and economic progress. With the introduction of the 16% unique taxation rate on profit, 70% of economic activity now in private hands, advanced price liberalization, an open foreign trade regime, and significant and ongoing advances in the opening of key markets such as energy and infrastructure, the sector is poised for IT investors and partnerships. Romania also continues to improve legislation in the area of corporate governance, for example by introducing new mandatory voting requirements for publicly held companies.

Building on an excellent academic environment that produces a constant output of qualified engineers, doubled by excellent language skills, Romania enjoys a growing reputation of a technology savvy environment. This, coupled with Romania’s productivity, creativity and competitive costs, position the sector to tackle unique business requirements among a broad range of industries.

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