Research – local urban legends

I’m doing a research on subliminal messages and symbols provided by the advertising industry while working in developing some urban stories.
I’ve noticed that there are few urban stories on the local market and I’m sure that people need them.

Some interesting examples for me were provided by the anti-globalization movement: very subtle, very intelligent, short stories with a certain aura of mystery and conspiracy.
This were some ingredients in creating great urban legends:

Here is the World Economic Forum logo.
At a first glance you’ll probably see just a simple logo – maybe in the middle is a half moon or the sun. The urban legend started states that the semi-circle line crossing the “O” letter forms the figure 6.

In the same area, another legend was started at the G8 2005 forum (see the second logo to the left🙂 ).
They say that in the middle, the white spaces hide the occult symbol of the horned owl. With a little imagination you can see the head and body of the owl.

Other fun stuff is available out there on the Internet but I have to carry on with my study so you’ll have to digg it yourself 😉