Renault 3D online campaign is generating buzz

Our announcement about the 1st 3D 300×600 online banner delivered in Romania started to generate buzz and discussions online.

Daniel Secareanu (Realitatea Catavencu) presents other outdoor 3D advertising from Renault.

Octavian Costache (Google) challenges the 3d concept – maybe this is not something new for Google USA but it is something new for Romania. I don’t know if Renault is present in the US market.

E-Bogdan (online entrepreneur) likes the new perspective and wonders about how old computers will run the 3d banner.

Marius Sescu (online marketing practician) thinks that the idea is so simple and wonders why others didn’t think of it (you know the frustrating story of Columbus and his egg 🙂 )

Gabriel Boaca (online advertising specialist) thinks that the new 300×600 wide banners bring a better CTR.

Constantin Cocioaba (Internet Business Unit PROTV SA) notices the shift towards large banners made by local advertising sales agencies.

Thank you all for your comments, ideas and positive feedback on the first 3D wide banner online campaign in Romania!