PROTV / MediaPro Interactiv – plans for 2009

Although part of the same media group, PROTV and MediaPro Interactive seem to have different paths in 2009.

PROTV’s Internet Business Unit plans are to create and run their own sales team in 2009. Since they’re eager to recruit right now, I’m thinking they’re going to be in the market this autumn. The sales team will represent not only their TV stations (,,,, but also the new websites they say they’re going to lauch in the near future. There is also a plan to use the content in a news website competing with or

Initially I found about this move one month ago and I treated this news as a rumor but today I’ve heard it from the horse’s mouth 🙂 – the main internal reason was that they were not very happy with MPI’s sales focus in 2008 and because they think and internal sales team can boost up the sales and exploit more their video content. PROTV S.A. is different than MediaPro Interactiv but they are going to use the same adserver and will share some of their in-house resources.

It seems that in 2009 we’ll have a very fragmented online advertising market.

Until then, I’m waiting for the official PR story.