Using hip-hop propaganda – CHAMILLIONAIRE- HIP HOP POLICE vs. MOROMETII – Romania trezeste-te

“[…]Now I would give you news about Katrina, but you know I can’t talk about Katrina,
‘Cause everytime I talk about Katrina, they look at me like it’s a misdemeanor,
Anyways, there’s way more important stuff that we can discuss,
George Bush is playing golf, everybody hush, he’s about to putt.[…]”

“[…]I saw a movie where George Bush had a bearded man on his squad,
So much power from oil money that poor folks can’t sit by him,
No problem, Osama, Bin Laden, Been hidin’, So long that them pictures all starting to look like him on them milk cartons,
Don Imus made comments that made everybody forget about him[…]”

“[…]The White House is going to stay white even tho’ we know Obama’s black,
9/11 was a calculation, and some would say it was a timed attack,
He gave a speech on CNN, “They bombed us, now we’re bombing back”,
Where the heck is Osama at?[…]”

I’m sure you are not a hip-hop fan but you should see and listen to this electoral clip:

I’m sad to say but the clip above (although very trendy in the US as we speak) is hardcore leftist propaganda (right on target I would add). I won’t comment this but for the first time in the U.S. history, the elections will be very interesting to follow because the student generations “prepared” (ideologic subversion) during the cold war are now the proud left-wing active, mature and loud voters (and this gift is probably something Putin didn’t expect).

On the other hand here is a sad visual comparison with a successful Romanian hip-hop propaganda (you can clearly notice the great demographic gap and figure out the target’s profile). The clip was used in the last electoral campaign in order to support the Romanian candidate Traian Basescu:

I guess hip-hop is just well received by the masses 🙂

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  1. unul dintre cel mai smecher video clip si desigur unul dintre cel mai bun mesaj social pentru cei mai iscusiti,clar,care vine din partea unor hip hop-eri titrati.zic:multa virtute pentru ei(h_h)si pentru ascultatorii (dati_mi voie)printre randuri.pace tuturor!

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