Prof. Dr. Septimiu Chelcea sharing his wisdom online

The famous Romanian sociology professor, Prof. Dr. Septimiu Chelcea, surpised me in a pleasant way by launching his blog: (it’s not a fake blog you can read the confirmation here).

I must confess that blogging and life-long-learning go together. Dan Petre is one of the first professors in Romania that started a blog and it’s a great way to stay up to date with the latest news or books in the field. For example, Dan Petre was the first to recommend Martin Lindstrom’s BUYOLOGY on his blog one year ago. I kept that in mind and managed to find and buy the book a few weeks ago – yeap, blogging works 🙂

The launching of Prof. Dr. Septimiu Chelcea’s blog is also a sign – it means that the Internet is the next big social shaker even in Romania and that my early sociological research in this field was a wise investment 🙂

PS: reading blogs and reading books should go together, try to keep that in mind! 🙂