Pay-per-view at Netbridge

Via Orlando and then Sorin, I noticed the first talks about a Romanian website dedicated to live football TV transmissions via Internet – the website ( should host a first live transmission in less than 2 hours and as I can see, the guys at Netbridge are still working on the layout (the website changes at every reload) and as they say, there will be a “test” going on tonight.

I found out that plans to be a great business for Netbridge. Their results from the Gemius online panel indicated that football is a “most wanted” subject for the Romanian Internet users. As we speak, the online service is free of charge but in the near future, there will be a tax for users outside Romania. A major step in their strategy will be the moment when the local users will have to pay in order to view a game. Netbridge plans to do this after 2007 and they are thinking paying over the SMS.

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  1. Sunt onorat sa fi fost cel ce a scris plugin-urile de WMS (Windows Media Server) pentru autentificare si autorizare.

    A fost unul din cele mai provocatoare proiecte in care am lucrat la Netbridge. Investments. Apoi Development. Apoi Services. Trei. Ani.

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