Not happy with Internet Explorer 7 RC1 in ARBOmedia

The guys reported me a long list of problems with the newly released Internet Explorer 7 RC1. First, there are several problems with the activeX and macromedia flash code used is some website but this is something we’ll deal with in time.

One of the most critical problems is caused to the ARBOmedia’s ad server and forces some banners not to behave naturally. First of all, the “_blank” function in the iframe pages behaves like a “_self” command. This means that the new page opens in the same iframe and as a user, I see nada…

The guys at ARBO are dealing with these new facts and told us that soon, new ad scripts will be available and hopefully they will behave well also on Firefox.

I recall that I was a IE 100% addicted fan till IE7 because Firefox caused many websites to have small fixes in order to be compatible. But now, we have to do change stuff for the 7.0 and that is not always fun. This is probably one of the reasons that will help Mozilla grow sky high.