Netoo – meeting with the bloggers

If you were not at the Leo Burnett party this evening, the second most interesting place on the underground advertising map was the Netoo meeting hosted by Cristian Manafu. Special guest star – Cristi Parvan – Zenith Media.

The talks focused on the blog advertising and I noticed very interesting points of view. I suggested using the new contextual service from ARBO and also their web server in order to create a common exchange leaderbord zone.

Another subject was about a new study, this time demographical, on the blog readers. I suggested using the online panels from Insites or Gemius (I met the Insites managers a few months ago and they told me that they are very interested in conducting surveys on whatever website we can think of).

Overall, the meeting was quite a success because I had the chance to find out more about the budgets, money and small interests that will soon target the Romanian bloggers. As I told you, Cristi Parvan from Zenith Media was there after their long company meeting on blogging and internet planning.

The second part of the evening was dedicated in spending some quality time with the new blogger friends and exchanging some useful tips over a drink downtown.

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