Netbridge has secret plans

Orlando Nicoara (ex. Netbridge manager) will face the next months a series of attacks and pressures from the NCH Group. The investors had trouble recovering after Orlando left the business this summer – one of the most important issues pointed internally was the fact that the board had no clue about what was going on, as Nicoara was a “one man army”.

Since July, NCH changed their policy and tried to figure out what went wrong. There is a team tracking Orlando’s management and they are committed to use all the methods to get even. The battle will take place on several levels:
– NCH plans to sue Nicoara for bad management;
– there will be a mass-media campaign in order to discredit him (from bad practices to money laundry);
– they will pressure MediaPro in order to fire Orlando;

Some of the things they intend to do are not suitable for the Romanian environment. Attacking Orlando’s credibility can affect the whole industry, not only Media Pro Interactiv. On the other hand, this is a thing “they have to do” and I’m sure they’ll use all the available legal methods.

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