Neogen… how much is the fish?

Because I promised you all the hot stuff, here are the first sensitive issues…

As I was surfing Orlando Nicoara’s and Ionut Oprea’s blogs, I’ve seen that they were speaking about Neogen reentering (Romanian online traffic monitoring tool) and I remembered a recent happening.

A few months ago, a friend from a big investment fund and Internet company (European) met with Calin Fusu (Neogen) and probably had a friendly chat. At one time, he asked Fusu for a price because he was considering investing in the project. The value Calin Fusu mentioned was around 1.000.000 euro and my friend told me that this number brought a large smile on his face: “how about 100.000?”.

From this discussion, we learn 2 things: Neogen is for sale (tip for NCH) and Calin Fusu is indeed a dreamer (this could be a good thing).