Neogen and Vodafone promoting child abuse

Now It’s the right time to judge.

Neogen stepped on the wrong foot when launching the new version of its portal (they say it is the most popular website in Romania). To blog about this was Scarlatescu, Daniel Popescu, Rachad, Piticu and Sorin Tudor.

The problem is that on the new website there is a Vodafone banner ad and next to it a movie of a child beaten by an adult!!! The sadistic movie is taped by two other guys in the room and in the end they have a healthy laugh while the child seems to be hurt by the violent hit.

Neogen Child Abuse
SCREEN SHOT1 – abused child
SCREEN SHOT2 – abused child
The link for the movie

The Vodafone foundation has special programs support challenged children but I’m afraid this is not about an awareness campaign. Buying advertising on a website promoting child abuse is something Vodafone should care.

I must say that promoting this type of content is bot IMMORAL and ILLEGAL and Neogen should pay for the consequences.

I know that Noro reads my blog: man, this is totally WRONG! Please remove the video and call the police and the authorities!

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  1. It’s true, Bogdan, that video is very wrong. I hope Neogen will remove it. But to be honest, I don’t think Vodafone can be accused for something. I believe it is not their fault.

  2. Vodafone canceled a campaign in another country because their banner was next to a politician. An advertiser such as Vodafone is always responsible of the medium choosed for displaying its ads.

    Can you imagine global brands buying advertising on websites promoting pornography or child abuse? It’s not ethical and can affect the brand.

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