Neogen – from abusing minors to Internethics

1. One month ago I wrote a post a about Neogen promoting child abuse and asked them to call the police and the authorities. There was no answer from Neogen but Vodafone decided to suspend their advertising campaign (very wise of them).

2. Today one of the most read newspapers in Romania publishes an article about Neogen hosting pedophilia. Again, they decided to hide the evidence and not call the authorities.

3. The Lie comes from their PR Manager, Maria Suciu, saying that they have an automated censorship system that erased the evidences. THE TRUTH is that there is no system and the website is manually operated. If a movie is to be removed, there is a human operator doing this.

4. The abused minor (this is just one evidence) is one of the users. Sorel Mihai, a 14 15 year old boy was abused by Neogen by displaying pornographic content in his account. He had a post about this on his personal blog expressing his frustration but there were no answers and no active measures from Neogen.

5. Internethics – a Neogen representative is part of the jury at Internetics and will judge the best Romanian websites. By far, his presence in the jury this year is not ethical and I have reasons to doubt the quality of his decisions in the contest. I also expect Orlando Nicoara, the president of the jury, to have a statement on this matter and take some action.

Strong tip for Millenium Communications: having Vodafone and Neogen in the same place after the incident they had one month ago is something to worry about.

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  1. Electing the jury this year was an internal IAB process. Millennium had nothing to say in this matter, what they received > that was the jury. It was a meeting (2-3 people), and the jury was elected. Even I, in quality of consultant for the jury, i was surprised of the distribution/ names/ etc. Finally i agreed with Ionut Oprea the names in the jury, but i still keep saying that was not a good procedure and a very-not-transparent one.
    Neogen or Vodafone … don’t know anything. I think is not very clear for the members of the jury what they will do, or the teams, or the principles. Because wasn’t well communicated.

  2. Ionut (as PR) and Orlando (as president) should have some official opinion about the incident… well, all the industry is represented in the jury this year so I wonder if they’ll continue pretending it’s raining…

  3. Neogen services are a platform which is at user`s disposal for interacting with other users.
    Not all are honest, responsable. We are worried when someone is using the informations and the services to other`s detriment, creating unpleasant situations.
    Like this one, when a user posted ilegal videos. Following Police`s request, we delivered the user`s IPs.
    More, to prevent this kind of situations, we will harden the measures taken against the users which violate our site`s terms of use.

  4. Maria, there are old videos on your sharing sistem, I saw porn videos (with minors) uploaded 3 or 4 moths ago. There is no excuse.

    @Bogdan, 15 years 😛

  5. Claudiu,

    I’m also surprised that you, of all people, are saying these things. You know for a fact that the jury was decided by both IAB and Millenium, you were involved in the first stage of the process. Then I took over, as I was elected Executive Director of IAB Romania, and I can guarantee you that we took every decision by consulting with them, and not on our own. And in the end, we even consulted with you, and we were open to any of your questions.

    But what is the subject here? Neogen may have crossed the line, may have done a mistake, and is now paying for it. That doesn’t mean we have to expel neogen from the Romanian internet market, they have to pay somehow for the mistake, and then move on. If they are sued and the law asks that they should pay, they will. If bloggers flame neogen as they did in the past with spam issues, they this is another way that they’re paying for that mistake.

    But, the REAL problem is different, the most important thing that needs to be done is that they have to make sure that this mistake will never happen again. If they fail, they will pay again, probably more than the first time. And we, as an industry, must take better measures to protect our children from all online risks that they face, in or outside the .ro domain, on any website, not just complain about it. And this incident, or actually, the massmedia attention to this incident, also brings into attention the need for such measures.

    But claiming that the presence of Constantin Ferseta in the Internetics jury this year would be unethical is ridiculous. I trust Noro and his 5 years of online experience with Coca-cola before Neogen, and I don’t think that his professional knowledge and experience, the reasons he was chosen in that jury for, have anything to do with this incident.

    This is my personal take on this issue, not the official IAB point of view. If there will be an official IAB POV, it will be signaled as such.

  6. @Ionut – I agree with you – Ferseta is a good professional but this is not about him as a person (by the way, I only have positive things to say about him and we have some friends in common).

    I think there is a strong issues about Neogen (the company) being in the jury at this time. It would be wise for them to step down for this edition.

    Another thing is something we all should worry about: because we all know each other in the local online industry we always try to defend “our Internet” and even when one of us does questionable things, there is a strong need for protection from the traditional media or outside opinions.

    This is wrong and imagine that Neogen’s behavior has also a great impact on our business – every year we try to bring more advertisers online and our no.1 website is promoting pedophilia and child abuse. This is bad for all of us because the audience thinks on terms of “Internet”, “TV”, etc. and not discriminating a specific website.

    In this case the public got a message pointing that “there were movies on the Internet”/”Internet is bad”/”Don’t let your kid online” etc.

    Why advertise on the Internet? Too much illegal content they can’t control… we should stay safe on TV. 🙁

  7. Bogdan, indeed, we made a mistake. we weren’t strong enough to reinforce site’s terms and conditions. As a result, we get some disturbing content. Also, we didn’t rely on users as much as possible, to help us in the site cleaning process. This will change.

    Thank u for telling us about this problem. We start making modification since then, but we didn’t tell u that.

  8. @noro It’s good to see the things are moving in a good direction.

    @noro, Ionut, Caludiu – I think the next step should be a campaign against uploading illegal content on the Romanian Internet (I’m thinking powered by IAB/at least several big websites) promoting the publisher’s responsibility towards the content and the concern for the safety of our users.

    If we don’t act, we all are going to have long-term issues to face.

  9. Here is one inside info: the media campaign against Neogen will go on in prime-time and in the next days 😉

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  11. Domnule Bogdan Gavrila, avand in vedere ca esti roman, de ce nu ai si o versiune a acestui site si in ROMANA? Ti-e rusine ca esti roman? Nu-ti place limba romana sau ce? Eu unul, cu toate ca nu-mi convin multe chestii din Romania, continui sa-mi iubesc tara si sa vorbesc limba materna spre deosebire de asemenea persoane ca tine care incep sa introduca in limba noastra englezisme si apoi chiar sa o inlocuiasca in intregime cu limba engleza (in cazul tau si Germana, Italiana, etc.). Poate daca scriai in ROMANA aveai un impact mai mare in tara, avand in vedere ca nu sunt multi care au rabdarea sa citeasca un mesaj in alta limba.
    Pentru a nu se intelege gresit si eu sunt impotriva celor ce se intampla pe neogen pe atat pe sectiunea video cat si pe matrimoniale unde toate “domnisoarele curate” isi fac reclama pentru “domnii generosi”. Aceste sectiuni, parerea mea, ar trebui supuse unui control mai riguros.
    O zi buna !
    P.S.Sper ca pe viitor sa se regaseasca si o versiune in romana.

  12. @ emberke – este treaba presei sa-si vanda cat mai bine povestea

    @ un ROMAN – sunt onorat ca sunt roman si imi iubesc tara. In acelasi timp sunt pasionat de limbi straine si de prieteniile legate peste mari si tari :), motiv pentru care am decis sa tin blogul personal in limba engleza (cu traducerile automate de mai sus).

    Cum blogul se adreseaza unui numar mic de oameni si cum nu-mi doresc “un impact mai mare in tara” :), pragmatimsul limbii engleze reuseste sa ma tina departe de scandaluri sau certuri neproductive online.

    Sper ca data viitoare cand intrati aici sa va bucurati ca ma puteti citi in limba engleza si nu in limba rusa 🙂

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