Exclusive: NCH is looking for a Sales Manager on BestJobs and eJobs

They are looking for middle-level and as we speak, more than 70 people applied for the job on BestJobs and over 90 on eJobs. It seems that the new manager will take care of the sales in the advertising department.

Why is someone about to get fired at NCH over this:
– because they have at least 3 career websites in the group
– because they can afford a RECRUITING AGENCY or a small head hunter – after all, they are looking for a Sales Manager, not for a janitor 🙂
– because this can cause PR problems (some people could think that the websites NCH develops are not so good since NCH uses other services)
– because they have a policy not to pay the competition for the same service they have in-house (I belive we all have this policy 🙂 )

Finally, their premium recruiting website (HR Romania) has no announcement about this career opportunity. I wonder how is like to pay your competition to decide who is suitable for your company 😉


This is a funny print screen: MyJob (powered by NCH) is their most visited jobbing website – but the good traffic is not a thing to be proud of when you have the most looked-up word “holiday greetings”…

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