My long weekend

Late night this Friday I packed my backpack and went to Sinaia ad the ASLS guys invited me to host a workshop over there. The road was quite empty at 21:00 (when we left Bucharest) and we were there in no time. Although I had my laptop on all the time, I discovered that ZAPP has to improve the signal on the road to Sinaia. 🙁

After a quick byte and the fun long talks we had till 5:00 am ;), we decided to rest and as I had some urgent business I plugged-in in order to sent some e-mails. At 7:00 am I was ready to go to sleep after I blogged a little on Sorin’s page.

Indeed, it was a very short sleep as I woke up at 10:00 and the morning breakfast. At 11:00 we started the first workshop about mass-media, media control and ngo public relations. Quite fun and interactive and the guys seemed thrilled to see my drawings 🙂
At 14:00 we had our traditional lunch and made a short fun movie and one hour later we were back in the training room, this time talking about branding Romania, media subversions, threats and opportunities on the global market. We played movies, we talked a lot and had tons of fun till 20:00 – the NLP techniques helped me get my energy bar up and I got a good feedback in the end. I don’t plan to become trainer but It feels good to know that the 22 guys in the room didn’t fell asleep 🙂 during my presentations.

At 22:00 we were back in the car and back to Bucharest as we had to prepare for this week and for an important event this spring.

Back home I discovered 1.500 unread e-mails in my inbox (spam is cool deleting) and over 500.000 pageviews sold by ARBOmedia – a massive online campaign at UltraPro for their IT shop.

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  1. I know it’s a bit late, but it was really necessary for someone who took part to the fun long talks till 5.00 AM and to the interesting and captivating work-shops to have a reaction and to strengthen what Bogdan has just said about the latest Winter-Camp ASLS! 🙂

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