Mona Musca is offline

Mona Musca is a woman politician and since 1989 she was a reference point as she gave lessons of integrity and good practice. At a certain level, she was one of the most popular figures in Romania, competing with the president Traian Basescu.

A few weeks ago, the president decided to give the green light in opening the secret archives of Ceausescu’s secret police. You can imagine the shock encountered in Romania when people found out that Mona Musca was an “undercover” informer acting under the name of “Dana”. Everybody was more than pissed off and you can imagine how many people wanted to tell her a few words.

A very good thing for her is that she’s not keeping an online blog but she has or had a personal website. This used to be used in the election campaign and after that, was redirected to her official page at the Parliament.

As I was saying, after the storm, the party decided that Mona Musca should go offline both in the public life and on the Internet. She was thrown out of the party and her domain got shut down. As she was working as the Ministry of Culture, Mona Musca was quite a net surfer (a friend told me) and now she is probably suffering over the offline domain.

Via Ionut Oprea, I found out that he went to TVR50 (the official party held by the Romanian Television on it’s 50th birthday) and I know Mona Musca was there – I wonder if they had the chance to chat about her PR approach on the net as Ionut is a talented public relations specialist.

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  1. Mona Musca worked for the former security until 1989 when she shifted to politics.

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