MEDIASET sues YouTube for EUR 500 million

A few days ago a New York judge told Google to open its logs (including viewer user names, IP addresses and what they watched) to VIACOM in a one billion dollar lawsuit over alleged copyright infringement.

VIACOM was accusing YouTube of “massive intentional copyright infringement” – 160,000 unauthorized Viacom clips have been uploaded onto YouTube, totaling more than 1.5 billion views.

Last week, MEDIASET had a press release announcing their new lawsuit against Google:

Mediaset has filed a claim in the civil court in Rome against YouTube and Google for the illegal commercial use of audio-video files that are the property of companies of the Group. The US and UK headquarters of the counterparts have been duly notified.
On 10 June 2008 4,643 film clips owned by Mediaset were found on the “YouTube” site, corresponding to more than 325 hours of material made available without rights.
Given the substantial number of contacts and the quantity of documents illegally present on the site, it is possible to establish that the Group’s three Italian television channels have lost 315,672 viewing days.
The compensation claimed by Mediaset amounts to EUR 500 million, which covers only the emerging damages. To this should be added the Group’s losses resulting from the loss of advertising revenues from programmes illegally distributed on the web.

Please note that MEDIASET has its own video website running on a PolyMedia platform (TXT Group) and powered by Microsoft’s Silverlight (there is a strong partnership between Microsoft Italia and TXT Group).

Interesting times lie ahead. It’s just the beginning of August.