Luminita Bostinaru – eWatch/eResearch corp

Luminita Bostinaru (Past: Senior Brand Manager at Vodafone, Advertising Sales Manager at Publimedia) plans to launch eWatch (15.04.2008) – online advertising monitoring product introduced by E RESEARCH CORP SRL.

The idea behind this business is to have a transparent market – every website should introduce (for free) a monitoring script so that the server can get info about the campaign (advertiser, brand, page views, etc.).

Paid services: they charge 400 EUR/month/ full access to the statistics, online PR/blog monitoring.

Interesting to follow -> either a stunning success in 3 years, or just another start-up struggled by the industry.

I don’t see it happening but then again, I’m optimistic 🙂

LATER EDIT: 100.000 EUR investment (Daily Business) 😉

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