LoganCPT.ro, viral seeding from GMP

GMP Advertising launched a few days ago a website presenting a tunned Police Dacia Logan (70.000 EUR). This was part of a political campaign developed for the Romanian President Traian Basescu.

The campaign also has a BTL component (they plan to install a tunned car downtown Bucharest) and a viral online approach. The project had a very good potential but from the beginnig they presented it as part of a political campaign so now I’m just fascinated to see how they planned the seeding and how was the budget distributed on blogs. Maybe this way they exposed the paid bloggers today (although the website was online last week and some of the bloggers received the information this Sunday, they didn’t react) but still, can be a good study case.

LoganCPT is a appealing as a viral campaign (I think it has a very good insight) so congratulations to GMP and Webstyler. I would really love to find out more about the traffic they’ll gather from blogs and viral streams (1,700 views till now on YouTube) but I guess I’ll have to wait for the official press release. 🙂

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