Large online formats – standard by 2010 in Romania

[LATER EDIT: It is very important to note that this post is not about who was the first to use large banners – this is about INTRODUCING LARGE FORMATS FOR ALL THE  ROMANIAN ONLINE INDUSTRY BY 2010 and LEADING THIS CHANGE; thanks Orlando, for your support]

A few months ago we promised to take the leadership and become a trend setter in Romanian online advertising. We endorse and we believe in large banner formats as the next step in online advertising.

NOTES on large online formats in Romania:

15th of February 2009 – first meeting in INTACT Media Group regarding the introduction of large formats as a strategy for developing online advertising in Romania; Augustin Roman and Sorin Danilescu start to prepare for the new formats;

10th of March 2009 – 27 publishers with a reach of about 109 million unique visitors per month – that’s 66% of the total U.S. Internet audience – have agreed to try one of three new online ad formats sometime before July. The publishers are all members of the online publishers association (OPA);

29th April 2009INTACT Interactive announcement regarding large formats – full details here;

6th of may 2009MediaPro Interactiv and Orlando Nicoara – decision to introduce large formats;

We also expect other players to follow our trend and ARBOinteractive, ADevolution, Boom, Realitatea-Catavencu and InternetCorp to announce their plans to make this shift in order to have large banners as a standard in Romanian online advertising by 2010.