511.787.262 views on YouTube. 11,706,686 Friends on Facebook. Insane!!!

This video was first posted on the 23rd of Nov. 2009, has 241,425,517 views and counting. Only the first top 5 Lady Gaga videos on youtube count 511.787.262 views and she became the most popular living artist on Facebook with more than 11,7 mil fans.

Latest video: ALEJANDRO – launched exactly one month ago -> a record 40,979,917 views in its first monthwill probably score better figures than Bad Romance:

The Good News: LADY GAGA is not coming in Romania in 2010 but you can see her LIVE 🙂

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PS: The Monster Ball Tour is described by Lady Gaga as “the first-ever ‘pop electro opera” – a must see!