“Kung Fu Panda” the movie – invitation from Good Food

The guys at Good Food (Romanian edition) had a great idea to send invitations for the premiere of Kung Fu Panda and I hear the event was a great success (I couldn’t made it since I was attending e-Academy).

They had healthy Chinese food and gave away comic books to all the kids and it all was fun and games. Of course, I couldn’t notice the fact that this launch is close to the Olympics and I’m thinking that the Chinese government really planned all the details of this event around the world. That’s a great way to create a sympathy wave (the main character in the movie is a funny obese panda bear).

…now I only wonder if the fat panda character was chosen in order to target the “heavy”* audience from the United States 🙂

*Note: “64.5% of American adults, or more than 120 million people, are overweight or obese.” – data from data from the 1999-2000 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey published in USA Today, 10/09/2002 – but this was 8 years ago 😉

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